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Kickstarter is a beautiful place to find funds for your project, and a lot of amazing projects went into production because of Kickstarter. But never have I seen a project being funded this quickly. The Pebble, a digital watch that can connect to your iPhone or Android phone, needed to collect 100,000 dollars to go to production and collected the money in only two hours! The project still has 36 days to go before the investment period ends and the counter shows somewhere around $744,000 at the moment. And this number is going up rather quickly.

With the Pebble, you can go cycling, control your music, go running, and do a lot more. With an SDK, developers can build their app to support the Pebble. It has a built-in accelerometer, a vibrating motor, an ARM microprocessor, and a nice e-paper display. It connects through Bluetooth and has a battery life of 7 days.

Pebble Kickstarter Video

If you want a copy of the watch, as long as it is a Kickstarter project the watch will cost you $99. When the Pebble goes into production it will cost something like $150. It surely does have a lot of potential if you ask me, and I am seriously considering buying one. It is awesome that you can see who is calling you, just by looking at your watch. What would you like to do with a Pebble?

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