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We all have that show or movie we just can’t get enough of. Sometimes we love it so much, we spam our friends and family with that pure awesomeness and we want them to experience it too. We fall in love with the characters and characteristics. And even then, we can still be overflowing with so much feelings we get creative. Very, very creative…

Riddick from The Chronicles of Riddick
The Doctor from Doctor Who
Khal Drogo and Daenerys from The Game of Thrones
Carnage from Spiderman
Captain America from the Marvel series
Thranduil from The Lord of the Rings
Elsa from Frozen
Peter Parker from Spiderman
Mister White and Jessy from Breaking Bad
Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy
Leeloo from The Fifth Element
Loki from the Marvel series
Red Skull from the Marvel series
Merida from Brave
Belle and the prince from Beauty and The Beast

Personally, I love the Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and the Marvel series when it comes to fan art. Let me know what your favorite series are, in the comments below.

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