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My name is Kristel and I’m a passionate front-end developer who has a love for good design and photography. I love trying out new things and getting a better understanding of what I already know.

I started designing when I was 15 years old and began with photo retouching and making posters. In 2009 I started freelancing under the name CRD, which is short for Creative Release Designs. I did a lot of design work and websites and I was also teaching Photoshop at Hogeschool Inholland. Shortly after that, I was teaching Photoshop, InDesign, Web Design, and Web Development.

For the last couple of years, I have worked as a front-end developer with companies like Hostnet and Floyd & Hamilton, where I have worked with really amazing creative teams. I currently work for Exxellence, where I help set up a new project. The people here are crazy smart, and I’m really happy to be a part of this group.

During my time off, I love photography so I recently started a test where I have to bring my DSLR with me every day to improve my skills. I’m a big fan of nature and have a lot of plants in my home where I live with my boyfriend Jurgen, who is also a developer. He is not always the biggest fan of my plant-loving hobby, but he lets me know when it spins out of control. I have a website where I try to harness my obsession.

I really hope you enjoy my blog and get inspired by it. Thank you for reading.