Illustrations by Paul Davey

Paul Davey is an illustrator from Manchester, Jamaica, and works under the alias Mattahan. He paints beautiful images of black people, and every painting has its own story. The paintings are based on his own life and the things he relates to. The most important thing, according to Paul, is that the painting needs to provoke a reaction from him in order to be satisfied with it. He not only an illustrator, he also does comic art and he makes icons.

Betta Listen by Mattahan

Warm Dossouye by Mattahan

Thieves In The Night by Mattahan

The Twister by Mattahan

The Truest Lie by Mattahan

Pacifics by Mattahan

Nandi by Mattahan

Maddies Nightmare by Mattahan

Left on Silverlake by Mattahan

Dinninit by Mattahan


For more work by Paul Davey:

Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

A couple of weeks ago Jean Paul Gaultier announced that he is going to be the new creative director for Diet Coke and with this he released a new limited edition bottle work and campaign. The print ads, shot by Jean Paul Gaultier’s friend Stéphane Sednaoui, featured two models in a day & night theme holding a the limited edition bottles and a cardboard with JPG face. The bottles will be available in 9 countries in Europe and a third limited edition bottle will be released later this year.

With this bottles comes also the mini series “The Serial Designer”, starring Jean Paul Gaultier and several marionettes. The marionettes all have a problem related to fashion, when JPG comes to the rescue. He drinks Diet Coke and gets energized and overflowed with ideas for the perfect outfit.