15 beautiful digital paintings of warriors

A lot of games are based on warriors or not so strong character types becoming great warriors. Most of the time, they are as deadly as they are beautiful and they vary from noble soldiers with shiny armor to bare skinned barbarians with clunky weapons. Each of these beautiful digital paintings show their own story about a type or warrior and what they have been trough.

In the comments below, let me know what your favorite type of warrior is and why.

Conan by Kerem Beyit

Elven Concept by Lithriel

Warrior by Serenity220

Practice by Puzzle Lee

Grey Heron by Jennifer Wuestling

Juar-Estevan de la Montegerat, captain of the Cábalas de Libre Pensamiento

Carlitta - Cyber Mafia Boss Samurai by OXAN

General Atodaho by Alexander Ovchinnikov

Game illustration by Leejeeh

King Arthur

Quest by Hokunin

Demon Hunter by Crow-god

Skyrim - Nightingale by justduet

The Warrior by Carlos Garijo

Commander Kalífima Ukuchatari / Silent Forest by aditya777

Illustrations by Paul Davey

Paul Davey is an illustrator from Manchester, Jamaica, and works under the alias Mattahan. He paints beautiful images of black people, and every painting has its own story. The paintings are based on his own life and the things he relates to. The most important thing, according to Paul, is that the painting needs to provoke a reaction from him in order to be satisfied with it. He not only an illustrator, he also does comic art and he makes icons.

Betta Listen by Mattahan

Warm Dossouye by Mattahan

Thieves In The Night by Mattahan

The Twister by Mattahan

The Truest Lie by Mattahan

Pacifics by Mattahan

Nandi by Mattahan

Maddies Nightmare by Mattahan

Left on Silverlake by Mattahan

Dinninit by Mattahan


For more work by Paul Davey: