STAR WARS Identities: The Exhibition

The true Star Wars fan has to go to the STAR WARS Identities Exhibition, which is in Montreal Canada. This exhibition will stop in 12 cities during its six-year tour. At this exhibition, you follow Luke and Anakin Skywalker, from their origins on Tatooine, to the friends and mentors they meet during adolescence, through the choices they make that will define them as adults.

The exhibition features amazing props, customs, models and artworks, which allow you to see Star Wars in a whole new way. There is even a quest where you can shape your own Star Wars character, and you’ll be placed in the center of all action.

For more information on this exhibition and to buy tickets go to the Exhibition website and check their Facebook page for recent updates.

Queen Amidala Star Wars The Exhibition
Queen Amidala

Yoda Star Wars The Exhibition
Stormtrooper Star Wars The Exhibition
Boba Fett Star Wars The Exhibition
Boba Fett
Darth Vader Star Wars Exhibition
Darth Vader

If any one of you has been to this exhibition, tell me what you thought of it.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

A couple of weeks ago Jean Paul Gaultier announced that he is going to be the new creative director for Diet Coke and with this he released a new limited edition bottle work and campaign. The print ads, shot by Jean Paul Gaultier’s friend Stéphane Sednaoui, featured two models in a day & night theme holding a the limited edition bottles and a cardboard with JPG face. The bottles will be available in 9 countries in Europe and a third limited edition bottle will be released later this year.

With this bottles comes also the mini series “The Serial Designer”, starring Jean Paul Gaultier and several marionettes. The marionettes all have a problem related to fashion, when JPG comes to the rescue. He drinks Diet Coke and gets energized and overflowed with ideas for the perfect outfit.