Incredibly nice glass jars in package design

Fruita Blanch identity

Your grandmother may remember the time when they potted their food. They had potted ham and potted… well, anything really. They used to slay an animal and put the meat in a glass preservation jar along with a lot of salt so it wouldn’t rot. Back then, they used pottery in the form of earthenware or stoneware or simply glass jars. Not many people still do this, since going to the store and buy fresh food is much easier and arguably much tastier. I did manage to find some very nice looking jars that reminded me of our neighbor in France: a 86-year old woman, who brings us pâté in a preservation jar when her son has shot some wild animal. It makes me hungry already. Enjoy!

March Pantry's Kosher Salt

Wild Birds Unlimited.

Jack’s Raw Honey Packaging

Waitrose High fruit jams

hokka Petit Pots.

Wooden Cap Bottles by Sue Bee

The Salad Jar.

Son Brusque villa in Sencelles, Majorca

Fruita Blanch identity

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face

HUMMM... by Christopher Chefel

Selfridges Sweets

Earl's Best Pickled Onions by David Cran

Hexagonal Honey Bottle Packaging Concept by Maksim Arbuzov