Illustrations by Paul Davey

Paul Davey is an illustrator from Manchester, Jamaica, and works under the alias Mattahan. He paints beautiful images of black people, and every painting has its own story. The paintings are based on his own life and the things he relates to. The most important thing, according to Paul, is that the painting needs to provoke a reaction from him in order to be satisfied with it. He not only an illustrator, he also does comic art and he makes icons.

Betta Listen by Mattahan

Warm Dossouye by Mattahan

Thieves In The Night by Mattahan

The Twister by Mattahan

The Truest Lie by Mattahan

Pacifics by Mattahan

Nandi by Mattahan

Maddies Nightmare by Mattahan

Left on Silverlake by Mattahan

Dinninit by Mattahan


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Graphic Designer Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson is a very talented designer from Brooklyn, America. She is very crafty with paper. She not only pushes the boundaries with designing, she also tries to fully explore every aspect involved. In this incredible TEDxPhoenix talk, she talks about the ‘disruptive wonder’, a mechanism for revealing the extraordinary talents of ordinary things.

Paris for pleasure seekers

Her latest project is a map of Paris, in collaboration with Herb Lester. With great use of texture, the illustrations are very well made. With 30 locations highlighted on this map, it covers everything that Paris is known and loved for.

Spread On Desk

Paris Map With Cover

Paris Map Back

Paris Map Front Cover

The record player wedding invitation

Another great project of hers, is the wedding invitation she did for her friends Mike and Karen. This wedding invitation is a record player, which plays an exclusive song, made by the bride and groom. The record player is made entirely out of plastic, paper and a metal needle.

As They Play Music

Needle on the Record


What I really appreciate in Kelli is that she values the craftsmanship of design. She has a letterpress in her home, which she uses for various projects. She is very curious and is willing to give everything for her projects.


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