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It took me some time, but it is finally here. When I started blogging a couple of years ago over at the CRD website, I mainly made inspiration galleries, like most blogs do nowadays. But I soon realized that that wasn’t enough. I wanted to meet new people and ask them about their experiences. So I’ve interviewed a couple of designers and developers and they told me their insights. Due to some site difficulties, I stopped writing over at the CRD website, but I did want to keep on blogging, only this time on my personal website. So that is when I developed this site.

Currently, I’m working on a book and a documentary for my graduation project. I’ve interviewed a couple of people from the Netherlands and England and I have to say that it is tremendously interesting to hear different opinions on design. The book I’m writing is about the perfect portfolio for freelance graphic designers and will have chapters on design for screen and print, marketing, communication and social media, technology and applications, and of course content. The documentary is an addition to the book and shows different people from different fields in the design business.

More news is that I’ve also been offered to write for Other Focus, which I gladly accept. The articles there will show some overlap with this blog, but I will keep this place for my personal posts. There will always be topics that just don’t fit on Other Focus, so that is why I have this place.


A handy 3 week South Africa itinerary

kristelvdakkerkristelvdakkerNovember 27, 2019


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